Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New workout gear makes all the difference!


I am so ecstatic because yesterday I actually went and got fitted for new running shoes! 

After talking to Beth I was convinced that I needed to go.

If you have never been fitted you should!!!

Every time I have run in the past I have experienced pain in the outside of my right foot, so I decided It was finally time to do something about it. 

I went to a local running store and the guy who helped me was super helpful and knowledgeable.

He measured my feet and watched me walk to be able to determine which shoes I needed. 

I found out that the reason my right foot was hurting was because my shoe that I had been wearing was too narrow. It was literally squeezing my foot and pushing the tissue on the side of my foot down to the bottom.

 I actually measure a "wide" for my right foot and measure border line normal/wide for my left. 

"In a good shoe, I wear a size six, but a seven feels so good, I buy a size eight." Name that movie!

Get this: So girlfriend has been wearing a size 9 in shoes forever (all my shoes are size 9) 

When he measured my feet he said that I was a size 7.5ish and could possible wear an 8. Ummm What? So apparently I have been buying 9's for the width all along and never knew it, because every size smaller wasn't wide enough. 

He also determined that I needed arch support. I have medium arches. 

I just can't believe that I haven't done this sooner! I could kick myself.

Anyways, after I picked out my shoes, I saw the sports bras...

I have huge boobs and normally when I run I wear two sports bras (So uncomfortable!)

I found a Fiona by Moving Comfort sports bra that I really liked.  So Comfy! I had originally looked for the Juno by Moving Comfort but they were sold out.

The exact one I bought.

Any women that has a larger chest or a girl that just wants support and comfort should invest in this sports bra. Its AMAZEBALLS! Mines pink and I love it!

So after I finally get home I put on all of my new gear and headed out for day 1 of C25K outside. 

Nothing Hurt!!! My right foot that has been hurting me for so long had no pain! It worked! My boobs stayed in place and I was actually so comfortable! The sports bras I had been buying at Target don't hold a candle to the these. Check 'em out!

Unfortunately, my neighborhood is not flat. In E. Tennessee that's hard to find. 

I completed the entire C25K but it came with side stitches and huffing and puffing. It's so much harder to run outside than on a treadmill. This was a piece of cake on the treadmill.

I felt so energized after I finished. My legs definitely felt (and looked I'm sure) like jello!

All in all it was a great day!

Hot mess after  C25K. Rocking the Fiona sports bra!

My delicious lunch yesterday

The two new nail polishes I bought! Can't wait for summer.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Over the weekend.

Happy Monday y'all!

I had a great, fun-filled, weekend! 

So I mentioned the other day that G bought a new car, but a "new toy" more accurately describes it. Saturday we packed some lunches and put on play clothes and headed out to Windrock, an ATV park in Tennessee. G, his two best friends and I spent all day fourwheeling up and down really dangerous trails and rock paths. I know, I know, kind of redneck.... oh well. It was my first time. Apart from having a couple of mini panic attacks (from sliding backwards down large hills) it was actually a lot of fun. I drove a lot and it was really cool being able to drive over huge rocks and stuff. Unfortunately it rained the entire day so it was cold and muddy.


Later that night G's band had a show. I always love watching him play. 
G-playing the drums

Yesterday I finished my first week of C25K. I love love love this app! It's really cool because I can listen to music on my phone and run the app simultaneously and the woman's voice will come in over my music in my headphones and tell me when its time to start walking/running. Neat!

 I had actually started the program about a month or two ago but got so busy with school I never actually completed it. This time I have to finish though. I signed up for the Color Me Rad 5k at the beginning of August and I really want to be able to be able to run the entire race. What could be more fun than running drenched in colored dye???  I think I am going to redo the first week starting tomorrow and start it outside instead of doing it on the treadmill because It will probably help me more in the long run.  

Have any of you had any luck with C25K?

Color Me Rad

Looks like a party to me!

I would love to hear if any Tennessee bloggers are running the one in Knoxville in August!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Either my pants are getting bigger or I am getting smaller.

Hey y'all!

So yesterday was a pretty eventful day. 

The G-man bought a new car. Its a Jeep of course! Now we're a green Jeep fam bam! We drove around and went to the lake and let the dogs swim. They had a blast. 

My Polar HRM came in the mail as well. I like the design of the watch but I'm not crazy about the color. It's hot pink. I used it yesterday for the first time to run around my neighborhood but the crazy thing wouldn't work properly. Talk about frustrating! The watch worked fine but I could not get it to pick up my heart rate from the band. I tried wetting the band a couple of times. I even left it on in hopes during my run it might be able to pick it once my HR was up. It never did. 

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get it to work properly?

So I know during Advocare they tell you not to get on a scale until you done with the cleanse, but I couldn't resit. I woke up today and my ring was sliding around on my finger (it's normally stuck firmly in its place) and last night when I put my PJs on I had to re-tie the knot in my bottoms because my pants were a little loose. SO I was pretty curious. I hopped on the scale and I was down....wait for it... SIX pounds! Now I know the majority of that is water weight, but who cares? SIX pounds! I did a happy dance all around the bedroom. G looked at me like I was crazy, and maybe I am! I didn't realize how swollen I felt because of all of the salt and the junk I was eating. It really is crazy the difference I see so far. My work pants felt loose on me this morning too! I have been sleeping better at night and I feel more rested and feel like I have more energy during the day. I have been eating clean 100% of the time since I started the cleanse and it's paying off. I mean this girl hasn't had a drop of wine since Sunday night. I think that's the LONGEST I have ever gone without a glass of vino that I can remember. I know, I'm such an alcoholic, sue me!

Here's to the freakin' weekend!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Golden Rule

So I am a little frazzled writing this post. I feel completely shocked to my core and I figured this will be a good way to vent. So here goes..

 For those who don't know, I work at a steak house and have for about eight years. (I started in high school as my first job). For me this has always been a way to get fast cash while I work my way through nursing school. 

Now I believe that they are two types of people in the world; People who have worked in the service industry, and those who haven't. 

Working in the service industry for so long, I have seen so many types of people:  Rich people, poor people, entitled people, people who think their entitled (two different things), red necks, ignorant people, mean people, rude people, people who tip very well, people who always tip 20%, people who always tip 15%, people who think they tip well but don't, people who don't tip (F-U!), and people who do not know how to leave a tip; I have seen it ALL! It really humbles you to serve so many types of people.

 It makes you take a step back and think about how you want to be treated and how you should treat others. Golden Rule, people!

That being said, I normally take it all with a grain of salt. I believe that "everything comes out in the wash."  

So this brings me to last night. I had the pleasure of serving one of the nicest rudest people I have ever met in my life. Because of one misunderstanding (her misunderstanding, having to do with Happy Hour) at the end of the dinner  she verbally accosted me in front of the entire restaurant. I mean we're talking screaming at the top of her lungs, finger in my face, cussing me out and calling me "fucking stupid." I don't think I have ever been talked that way to in my entire life by a complete stranger. After her tantrum, my manager got in between us and attempted to calm her down. He of course sided with me.  Turns out she ended up apologizing to him (not to me) after she realized she was wrong and left embarrassed. Really who does that?

Moral of the story: treat people how you would want to be treated. PERIOD!

The is no reason a 50 year old woman should get in a young girls face like that over a misunderstanding. Maybe she had something more going on in her life and I ended up being the one she took all of her anger out on. I don't know. I felt shocked, embarrassed, dumbfounded, and angry  but most of all my feelings were hurt. I have never had a complaint in the entire time I have worked there. This is one person I don't think I will ever forget. 

So anyways, everyone take a minute and go out of your way to be kind to someone today. It will make you smile.. and probably them too!

I will leave you all with an adorable picture of Bentley!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Do you ever put your arms out and just spin and spin? Well, that's what love is like. Everything inside of you tells you to stop before you fall, but you just keep going. - Practical Magic

Recently I came across an article about finding the right person.

The author stated that the beginning of all relationships are the same. There are butterflies, you wait for the your significant other's calls, it's very euphoric. "It's completely spontaneous." It happens with no effort at all. 

Now after awhile the euphoria fades. You grow accustom to each other. The once giddy feelings you had for one another mellow out.

Ultimately it's not about finding the right person, but rather to learn to love the person your with. 

The G-man and I have been together going on almost half a decade (I just like saying it that way because it makes it sound like its a really long time.)
We've definitely had our ups and downs, but we always pull through. The "euphoric" stage has passed and we have to work everyday at our relationship. I mean everyday! Some days are harder than others, and a lot of days are really easy. Being with someone for the long haul takes patience, understanding and forgiveness. One of the best lessons that I have learned  is to choose your battles. Let some things go and fight for something that is truly important to you. 

G and I sometime in the beginning of our relationship

Here is another:
On the way to see the Titans play

and another:

My Birthday night.

What important lessons have you all learned from relationships?

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I think I can..


So yesterday was definitely a shock to my body, BUT I didn't find it extremely hard to follow the cleanse. 

There was only twice that I had a huge craving; when the boyfriend was cooking pasta for himself, really? Make it harder on me will ya? Geez. 
The second was when I saw a Reeses commercial on TV, I got a pang in my stomach and my mouth started salivating. This girl loves Reeses! 

So all in all I call yesterday a win. 

The majority of the day I was bent over in the front bed at my house planting huge ass roses.
 I mean these plants are massive! Their thorns are even scarier. After a couple of hours, and lots of sweat, and blood, I finally got those suckers in the ground. 
I am so sun burnt and sore it hurts! One of my good friends manages several high-end properties here in Knoxville. We're talking homes that have be featured in Southern Living!
 Anyways, the owners decided to go with another type of rose in a certain area on the property and they let her have all of the original ones. So being the sweetest friend ever, she gave me several of the plants.
 I received yellow, coral-orange, and light pink roses. 
I can't wait for them to bloom. Here's to having fresh cut flowers in the house at all times!

G and I

So the boyfriend, or G, for the sake of his privacy, and I finished the day of by taking the boys to the park. They loved every second of it!

What did y'all do on Monday?

Monday, April 22, 2013

Let the cleanse begin!

Good Morning All!

My weekend was crazy busy (obvi since I haven't posted since Thursday).

Sunday Funday:

Every Sunday morning our group of friends does a brunch at each others' houses.

 Usually the girlfriends cook while the guys hangout. There is a lot of drinking involved, I mean a lot! Bloody marys, mimosas, etc. So. Much. Fun.
 We made "night before" french toast. Amazeballs! It's the best french toast I've ever had. 
Typically after we gorge ourselves eat we take on a fun project at that person's house. 
We've built a zip line in a back yard, taken down a tree, put up a wooden fence, and painted rooms. 
Today the guys helped roof a house. Us girls did what girls do best; layed out in the  backyard, listened to music, drank and watched our shirtless men work. What could be a better Sunday?

So I have jumped on the "Advocare" bandwagon. I started the 10 day Cleanse today.

 I've heard good things about it from numerous people so i'm pretty pumped!
 I was a little apprehensive about the fiber drink, but i mixed it with equal parts of Lite OJ and water. I was so surprised; IT WASN'T BAD! I had been dreading it so much but honestly it tastes like OJ with a lot of pulp in it. Easy Peasy!
 Now the hardest part is going to be not drinking. I love sitting out on my deck with my wine in the evening waaayy too much! This girl needs her wine, y'all! 
So we will see, but it is my mission not too cheat.
 I also took my measurements and weight this morning (and suffered a mini heart attack) so I am really curious to see what the change will be in 10 days.

Have any of you experienced good results with the 10 Day Cleanse? 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Two posts in one day? Just had to do it!

So I came across Holly's and Jake's Finish the sentence Linkup. How could I not partake?

Here goes!

1. I laughed so hard I cried when.... When my best friend peed her pants because she was laughing so hard.

2. My high school... Is massive. Seriously. I still got lost in that bia.

3. It really pisses me off... When a person at a table I am serving snaps their fingers at me! HOW RUDE!

4. In ten years... I want to have two kids... I think.

5. If I could erase one thing... My middle school wardrobe.. 

6. In 1999... I partied...like it was 1999. No but seriously I was in elementary school. I know I am a baby.

7. Honestly...I am finally just figuring out this whole blogger thing. 

8. To me, Sushi... Its delicious. I like it with a lot of wasabi.

9. Someone really needs to invent... Wine ON TAP at my house : )

10. The first time I drank alcohol... Grand Marnier out of my parent's liqour cabinet. I think I puked with in 30 seconds of getting it down. Yuck!

11. The one question I would ask God is... Why did you give me thin hair???

12. Lindsay Lohan... Why can't we just lock her up already?

Thirsty Thursday!

Hello All!

Thursdays are one of my favorite days of the week! I count the weekend beginning the moment I get out of class on Thursday mornings.
Back in my wilder college years, my girlfriends and I used to refer to this day as Thirsty Thursday. I think I might bring it back for blogging purposes, of course!

My day has been pretty busy so far :

I came home this morning and even though I was feeling a little sluggish, I went for a run in my neighborhood.  It's a beautiful day here in Knoxville -84 and sunny! All of the dogwoods are in bloom along with gorgeous tulips. By the end of my run I was a sweaty mess, but I felt SO much better! It's amazing what 30 minutes of pounding the pavement will do for your body and soul. I am slowly but surely getting back to the "old Jill".

The boyfriend and I are having a barbecue tonight with all of our friends. So after I got home and cooled off I made two key lime pies from scratch(There goes my diet). I put a dry rub on the five slabs of ribs and added a little beer.I then put those babies in the oven to slow cook until we put them on the grill tonight. YUM!

After all of the hard work, I poured my self a BIG glass of pinot grigio and sat on my deck and got some sunshine. I like to put frozen raspberries and blackberries (any kind of frozen fruit really) in my wine for a little extra flavor and to keep it cold without watering it down.

Speaking of Thirsty Thursdays I have a yummy cocktail recipe for all of you!

Summer Martini
 The boyfriend calls this a Summer Martini.

  • 2.5 oz. of preferred vodka
  • 1.5 oz. of cranberry juice
  • .5 oz. of OJ
  • Splash of lime juice
Shaken well and strained into a martini glass. Garnish with lime wheel and orange twist. BOOM! Summer Martini. 

I have to say it is very delicious and easy to drink

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Hey y'all, Happy hump day!

 I've had a clumsy past few days! 

 Yesterday I made one of the biggest messes I think that I have ever made.

 Lets just say I had a battle with a jar of salsa and the salsa won. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a sucker for chips and salsa. YUM! Mexican is my fave.

 Yesterday I was browsing through the cabinets trying to find a snack and there I found a brand new, unopened, jar of salsa. The boyfriend must have went to the store recently. At first try, the jar would not open. I grabbed the rubber jar opener and gave it another a twist. That sucker was stuck y'all! I finally put all my strength into it and torqued the jar so hard that the now opened jar flew out of my hand and across my kitchen island and into the floor. I stood frozen for about 30 seconds in utter shock. Salsa went EVERYWHERE! I had to completely empty my silverware drawer and wash everything in it. I had salsa in places salsa should never ever be... like the ceiling. There worst part about it was there was no salsa left to eat! I stood there starving and cleaning up salsa for 45 minutes. Talk about a total bummer! I should have eaten an apple instead.

 Lately I have been running into everything. This morning I skipped a step on the stairs and busted it on my way out the door.

This brings me to my question: Do any of you ladies get clumsy the week before your periods?

There's a lot of speculation on this subject. I am normally not clumsy by nature but lately I have been noticing that the week leading up to my period I am cannot even walk a straight line with out stumbling. I have more bruises during that time as well.

 What do y'all think?

 I will leave you with a pic of Bentley from last summer.


Hope you lovely's are having a fantastic Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Hey ya'll!

First and foremost I want to say that I am shocked and saddened by yesterdays events. There is no reason for this kind of senseless act. My heart goes out to Boston right now. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

On a lighter note... Has anyone else began their spring cleaning yet?

I made it my mission yesterday to start. I scrubbed floors, and sinks, and tubs. No matter how attentive I am to the floors I still find hair everywhere! Bentley is one big fur ball and sheds like crazy- Anyone that has a Great Pyrenees understands exactly what I am talking about. Today I washed and changed all the bedding in the master and guest bedrooms (it only took 3 loads to get everything washed- ONLY!).

I digress.

 I feel whenever I go into any room in the house I can instantly find new project that needs to be done. I really want to repaint my bathrooms and maybe Chevron the stairs?

What do you guys think? I found this picture off of Google.

Do y'all have any upcoming projects? I would love to hear about them!

I will leave you with an adorable picture of "the boys." 

Bentley and Dallas

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Monday, April 15, 2013

Hindsight is 20/20

Hello all!

I figured today I would tell y'all a little bit about myself...

I am a twenty something southern girl, born and raised in Knoxville, Tennessee.

I will hopefully be entering nursing school within the year.

I am an avid blog reader, patio sitter, Mexican food eater, and wine and margarita drinker. I love live music and I go to a couple of music festivals a year. I will be at the Hangout Music Festival in a month! (Check it out if you have never heard of it) I'm a huge fan of Dave Matthews Band (Dave is sooo sexy).  I cohabitate with my amazing boyfriend of almost 5 years. We recently purchased a house, so lately my days involve DIY projects, decorating, and cleaning up after my three kids (The boyfriend and our dogs; Bentley & Dallas). I have recently discovered I have my grandmother's green thumb and think of myself a novice gardener.

Growing up I was very active, playing softball for 15 years. After meeting the boyfriend and moving out of my parents house I no longer could rely on my parents to feed me. Although, I was taught healthy eating habits, all that went out the window when I was out on my own.

The boyfriend wined and dined me. (Literally) We were eating out 3-4 times a week- maybe more! It also did not help that I work at a restaurant with the most amazing food. Nom Nom! I had no clue of the massive amount of calories that I was consuming. The tiny girl my boyfriend fell in love with slowly but surely started ballooning. Down went my self-confidence and up with my pants size. How Depressing!

Looking back at old photos of me, I remember thinking "I am so fat" or "I wish I could lose 20lbs" What a psycho I was! I would give anything to be at the weight I was back then....hindsight is 20/20

Here's a picture of me from my freshman year of college.
August 2008

And here is a picture of me now...
The Boyfriend & I in Miami a year ago.

I haven't brought myself to take a more recently picture. I'm afraid of what I might see. 

I struggle everyday with food. My worst fault is trying to eat well and seeing something delicious and thinking that I can have it and that I will eat "perfect" tomorrow. I am tired of not liking what I see in the mirror. I am tired of having a full closet of clothes and none of them fitting.I am tired of not having any energy. I am tired of not wanting to be seen in shorts or a swimsuit. I am tired of being the "big girl" in my group of friends, Damnit! 

One of the main reasons for starting this blog was to get inspiration and hold myself accountable. I am on a journey now, not just to lose weight, or look good in a bikini (although those are definitely a plus) I want to be healthy, and I want to be strong! For years I let myself be ruled by a "number." -Not anymore! I am concentrating on inches lost vs. pounds lost. I want to see a difference in my body versus just one on the scale. 

Hope y'all are having a happy Monday!


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Tennessee to Kentucky

So this weekend my baby cousin got married! I feel so old. Out of all the grandkids on my mom's side- 2 down and 6 to go! I had an amazing weekend. The wedding took place In western Kentucky. I have such fond memories there. Almost all my happiest memories of my childhood come from visiting my family. I am truly blessed to have all of them in my life.
The drive there was as beautiful as always. If you've never driven through E. Tennessee its a must!

My baby cousin!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Planting and replanting flowers.

Today the boyfriend and I decided to do a little yard work. It was such a beautiful day- 80 degrees and sunny! He mowed the yard while I attempted to plant some flowers.

The boys were also out in the yard with us.

This is Dallas, our energetic two year old golden retriever mix.
He is also known around here as "short bus" because he is short and yellow and very special.
He is our mischief dog.
He's a lover of socks, trash, sticks, digging, and having alone time.

This big fluff is Bentley and he can do no wrong.
He is pretty lazy most days.
B sleeps in almost any position but his fave is on his back with all paws in the air.
He is the reason I sweep everyday...(well almost everyday)
Bentley sets the bar for dogs very high. He is awesome!

Now, back to those flowers....
I got these inpatients at Home Depot on Saturday. They were super cheap.
I actually found some really good deals on a lot of plants/flowers.
I'm new to gardening so I walked around the HD for like an hour staring at all the pretty colors before choosing.
Finally today i decided to plant everything, but there was one little problem....

Did I mention Dallas was a digger? Well, he is!
 He has no interest in the flowers or the dirt when I am planting, but as soon as I turn my back BAM he's in flower bed with both paws.

Caught in the act!

My poor flowers. Oh well.
I also bought some climbing roses to plant.
I purchased three "Joseph's Coats" and one "Golden Shower" ( insert funny jokes here).
There were only $6 a piece. Score!
They're baby rose plants. Only about 10 inches of the stalk sticks out of the ground.

So I planted them and again mistakenly turned my back for a second.
Did I mention Dallas likes stick-like things to chew on?
Short bus had my climbing rose stalk out of the ground and was galloping away with it.
I chased him all over the yard before he finally dropped it.
Unfortunately it was too late for my plant. Anything that was green and looked lifelike had been eaten.
I swear, give him an inch and he'll take a mile.

The untouched climbing rose.

The eaten plant after I finally got it back into the ground.
And yes, Bentley just had to be in the picture!