Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Weekend Recap

Does today feel like Monday to anyone else? No? Okay just me then. It's probably because Mondays are my free days. And by free days, I mean run errands and day drink days. My weekend started off with hanging out with friends Friday night. It was actually an early Friday night for me, I was in bed by midnight. The week just wears me out so much sometimes that I am ready to crash by the time Friday rolls around.
Saturday G went camping with the boys and that means that I had the entire house to myself. Well, me and the Bentley and Dallas. I cleaned for a couple hours in the morning and then lounged around and watched the game later that afternoon. By game I mean THE game... The UT v GA game. I'll be the first to admit my Vols haven't exactly played very well the past couple of years but Saturday they brought their A-game. Although we lost in overtime I count it as a win in my book because of how well we played. If only our boys can get it together like that for the rest of the season. The fans were awesome as well. ESPN tweeted "Neyland is the loudest place on earth right now." I met a man the other day that went to the game and said it was the loudest game he's ever heard in that stadium in the last 10 years.
Sunday was pretty uneventful.
Monday G and I ran errands. We dropped of my Pandora bracelet to be cleaned. Anyone else have a problem with theirs turning all dingy looking? Helzberg also sent me an anniversary card with an offer for a free pair of pearl earrings to celebrate so we picked those up too. Who doesn't love free jewelry. Since we went to the mall and had time to kill we made the mistake of stopping by the Cheesecake Factory. Huge mistake. I got a dirty vodka martini with bleu cheese stuffed olives (yum) and a piece of pumpkin cheesecake and G got a white chocolate macadamia cheesecake.  Holy cheesecake batman.
Last night I had a few friends over and tried a couple of new dishes out. Everything was a big hit.
Hasselback Potatos

French Onion Soup


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