Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Best of Fall TV.

So this past week I have been doing a happy dance because the weather has been so nice. Highs of 77 and lows of 50.
Perfect weather.
A couple of nights ago G and I put on our warm clothes and opened up a bottle of wine on the deck. It was such a chilly night but we didn't care. A bottle of red and some fleece pajamas is just what we needed.
It just feels like fall, y'all.
Now I won't bore you with my love of pumpkin everything or tell you about my extensive scarf collection (can you tell this is my favorite season?) but I will tell you all about my favorite shows that come out this season!
Sleepy Hollow- Premiered last night. I have to say it was pretty awesome. I mean it's one of those all or nothing shows. The premise is that Ichabod Crane wakes up 250 years later in present day Sleepy Hollow to help a local cop banish the four headless horsemen for good. Now if you can get past a headless person wielding a full arsenal of guns and ammo then you're good. That was the only hard part G and I had watching the show. We will definitely tune in next week to see the second episode.
NCIS- 9/24 This is one of my favorite shows. I could watch reruns on USA all.day.long. This season Ziva is leaving the show permanently. I'm pretty upset by this. I've waited for seasons for her and Tony to finally get together and it looks like its never going to happen.
Marvel's Agents of  S.H.I.E.L.D.9/24: I'm not exactly sure what this show is all about. I have a feeling it has something to with superheroes. I loved The Avengers  and all of his other movies, so I am pretty sure I will like this show. I think I am going to try to watch it without looking up any information about it.
Modern Family 9/25: This is one of mine and G's favorite shows. We sit on the couch and giggle though out the entire 30 minutes. Its a must watch. Also, their reruns are being showed on USA.
Revenge 9/29: I was obsessed with this show in the first season. The second season was so-so. The whole "initiative" was kind of dumb to me. With that being said, I'm still interested to see what this season holds.
Betrayal 9/29: I've been seeing so many commercials for this upcoming show. I think that I will definitely check it out.
Vampire Diaries 10/3: I got kind of behind with this series but I am currently making them up on Netflix. I love supernatural shit. What can I say, I'm a dork.
American Horror Story (Coven) 10/09:  I'm super excited about this upcoming show. I started the last season but never finished it. I love anything to do with witches and witchcraft when it comes to TV/Movies/Books. I can't wait to watch this show, especially so close to Halloween.
The Walking Dead 10/13: I'm obsessed with The Walking Dead. Like I have Walking Dead parties of anywhere from 10-20 people every Sunday during the fall. It is seriously one of the best shows on TV. I love me some Daryl.


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    We watch VERY different shows - I am excited for Scandal, Grey's Anatomy, The Biggest Loser, Hart of Dixie and Nashville!

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