Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My weekend.

Sorry I've been such an absentee bloggers lately, I've been having waaaaay too much fun and not enough time to sit down and write. 
This weekend was a blast. 
Saturday I got up early and prepped the food for the football party I was having at my house. I made a buffalo chicken dip, a 8-layer mexican dip, and my mom's chili and cornbread.  The buffalo chicken dip was a hit! I think the entire crockpot of it was finished before half time. Unfortunately I didn't get to snap any pics of my delicious spread because I was too busy shoving my face with food and alcohol. I have never made cornbread before and it turned out really yummy as well. Next time I must let it cook a couple of minutes longer though. 
Yes we take our football seriously.
I acquired a banana tree about a week ago while G was out of town. Image his surprise to find this gorgeous 10ft. plant on our deck when he arrived home. I just happened to be driving past a nursery that I have never been to and decided to stop on a whim. All of their huge containers and mixed containers were half off. Score! So I picked out this big lovely guy, a big mixed container of dragon-winged begonias and of some other plants that I can't remember their names. I also got four orange mums and four white mums... Go Vols! Amazingly enough I was able to get all ten plants in G's Jeep.
Burt, my banana tree


When I wake up, I let the dogs out and sit on the porch with some coffee next to my huge banana tree that I've named Burt. Don't get me wrong, I'm not weird, I promise. I don't give all of my plants a name. Only Burt.  Because he is so very large, and well, I just couldn't help but not give him a name. So I greet him in the mornings and tell him "good morning" and I could swear my dogs look at with me judgement in their eyes but I choose to ignore it.
I also acquired something else new this past week. G's great aunt passed away several months ago and she left him a china hutch that was G's great-great-grandmother's from the late 1800's. Moving to our house was the third time it's been moved.. ever.  The claw feet and the bowed glass are pretty and in such good shape too. We also acquired some family china that's beautiful as well. I filled up the hutch with the china but on second thought G and I aren't really china people... yet. So I think that I am going to fill the hutch up with art and some cool small sculptures that I have for right now.


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