Monday, August 26, 2013

Weekend Wrap up

So my weekend was a little hectic.
Saturday, G and I left the beach to head home.
We got up early that morning and hit up the Hilton Head Diner for a little breakfast.
 I had a breakfast quesadilla that was so yummy. I gorged myself after a thirty night of drinking.
The drive from Hilton Head to Knoxville isn't a bad one. It's about six hours. We passed through Columbia on our way home and luckily we got to stop and have lunch with friends there. It was a nice little break in our trip.
Sunday, we spent all morning and afternoon unpacking and cleaning the house...You know normal adult stuff.
 I would have rather sat on the couch and played catch up with my tv. oh well
We had our normal Breaking Bad party at the house with our friends later that night.
Full of fun shenanigans.
 I had the VMAs recorded luckily because as soon as I unglued my eyes from BB long enough to glance at Twitter, I saw all of the rants about Miley!
Um say what?
Home girl be trippin'
And what is with her tongue? I feel bad for all of the parents that had to jump up and change the channel because their 12 year olds were in the room watching. I mean come on. It was so distasteful.
Miley's mom be like...

Even Big Willie don't get down like that


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