Friday, August 2, 2013


I spent all day yesterday at the pool in the hot sun, so naturally I was worn out. I had a totally awesome post idea planned out to write but I decided to save that idea for another day.
I decided to do a Search Keywords post instead!
Here goes.

one. Music Festival Essentials.  My adorable friend here.

two. Dave Matthews Girlfriend. Um, I die. Dave Matthew's Girlfriend??? My dreams have come true. I'm lusting over here, y'all.

three. Drinking Games to Play with Girlfriend. I'm pretty sure Miss Sarah had something to do with this post. And yes, I do know a lot of drinking games.

four. Paul Walker Girlfriend. Is this my lucky day or what? Dave Matthews and Paul Walker's Girfriend? Life made. BOOM!

five. Mature Jilling Off. Umm so this one comes up a lot. Weird. That's all I have to say.

six. My hand GF Jill. Umm this is so original. Not. I think I have heard this from every dude I've ever met. So not attractive.



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