Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up: Dave Matthews Band and Giveaway.

So this Friday a group of my friends and I drove up the Cincinnati, OH to see Dave Matthews Band play at the Riverbend Amphitheater. This was actually my fourth year in a row seeing them play at that venue. And it was just as magical as the first!

We arrived early in Cincy and decided to stop and drink  eat at Yard House. This place had my jaw dropping mouth watering. Over like 150 beer taps. Wow! The first three pages of their menu was dedicated to their draft beers. We also realized that we made it just in time for happy hour 3-6pm. Perfect. We started the day off right with a bang. Their Kung Pow Calamari was delish. I ordered a surf n' turf burger which had a huge piece of lobster on top with asparagus and a tomato Bearnaise sauce.  All eight of us left feeling completely stuffed. Fat and happy.

Normally we park and tailgate in the Riverdowns' parking lot. It has been really cool in the past to sit and drink and watch the horses but unfortunately they tore it down. This year we were forced to park in the Coney Island parking lot. As soon as I sat down and cracked a beer a bike cop appeared telling us that there was to be no loitering or drinking in the lot.  Ummm what?  Who made these rules? So of course every one shotgunned a couple while we packed back up as slowly as possible. Talk about a day ruin-er. Geez Louise. 

Luckily in the venue they had a really nice selection of alcohol. Anything from top shelf drinks to Strawberitas. 

OAR opened for Dave this year and only played a couple of songs. To tell you the truth I was that impressed. 

We manage to get a perfect spot in the middle of the lawn, close enough to see the stage. Now if you have never seen Dave Matthews Band in concert, I feel bad for you. You do not know what your are missing. They are my number one act to see live. Last year I became sort of a stalker road fan and saw them play five shows in 11 days. If that's not love I don't know what is. 

One of the eight in our group the other night managed to snag a pit pass which got me closer to Dave than I have ever been. I could see the sweat pouring, and could almost touch him. I'm pretty sure Carter Beauford winked at me too. Swoon.
Here are some pictures from the concert from my phone. Sorry for the shotty picture quality. I left my nicer camera at home and kicked myself the entire night for it. Idiot.

Get it Dave!


For those of you who missed the giveaway for the His and Her's Kindles here it is again.

And don't forget about the code GIRLFRIENDJILL10 to take $10 off of your book!



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