Monday, July 1, 2013


Good morning lovelies.

Today I am linking up for Weekend Shenanigans.

one. Look at all the pretty succulents. A lot of them are from my garden and some I had to buy. 

two. G made me not one, not two, but THREE vertical hanging succulent containers for my hanging succulent garden. I only got a picture of the big one. Its 4x2.  I am so excited to plant them. Gotta love a man that knows how to work with his hands.

three.  We made a drunken watermelon. Okay, okay, it was actually last weekend that we made this but it never made it to the blog. Still it was pretty yummy. and dangerous. It was soaked with Everclear.

four.  Cheers to the weekend. I love frozen fruit in my wine.

five. My gladiolus are FINALLY starting to appear. These suckers take forever.


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