Tuesday, July 9, 2013


So today's post is sorta out of the norm for me. If I talk about my relationships at all, its usually for the better. I try not to get too heavy here in the bloggy world.

In full disclosure: G and I had a fight  about something stupid and we ended up sleeping in separate rooms last night. We are all fine now but this brings me to my quandary. 

I've always heard to never go to bed angry with your partner. They say those feelings fester over night and become something maybe more in your subconscious even if you've consciously forgiven them the next day. Going to sleep upset or disturbed preserves the emotion, research suggests.

I've also heard that going to bed angry isn't that bad for your relationship because instead of staying up to the wee hours of the night saying stupid things that should never be said, you wait until morning and with a clear head can talk it out more reasonably. 

My questions to all of you taken ladies out there: 

one. What is the best relationship advice someone had ever given you?
two. To go to bed angry or not?



  1. The best relationship advice I have ever been given is that you have to care about your partner more than you care about yourself.
    And for us we don't go to bed angry, my poor little heart can't handle it. Any time we argue I want to immediately talk it out until everything is 100% okay otherwise I make myself sick worrying!

  2. Mike and I try really hard not to go to bed angry with each other. Even if we start sleeping in separate beds one of us will always get up and apologize. I feel like sometimes you need to get away from each other to realize how silly or stupid the situation is. I had a bad experience when I was younger and left angry. Unfortunately, I never got to apologize to that person so for me it's more out of fear than principle. You never know what might happen.

  3. go to bed angry, you need your sleep. BUT if you are so mad you can't sleep... take a sleeping pill.

  4. I am all for going to bed angry. Quite honestly, I am usually over it in the morning. We both are the type who just need time to get over stuff rather than talking about it endlessly.

  5. If it's stupid I think you should try and work it out before bed- but sometimes and argument just takes time to get over. Going to bed angry will not ruin a relationship! I do it all the time lol

  6. I am all for going to bed angry. Most of the time I'm not even mad the next morning and I realize how stupid our argument really was. I think having that time to cool down is necessary sometimes.

  7. We try to go to bed not angry at each other. We agreed thats what we would do. But honestly sometimes you just have nothing else to say. You both are just so flustered you can't compromise at that point. So maybe it would be better to just hash it out in the morning. As long as you really do it in the morning. Don't wake up and act like nothing ever happened. Because it will definitely come back up. And probably be worse.

  8. My husband and I can both be quite stubborn and will just got to bed mad. He usually thinks that if I am upset about something he can just start acting silly and try to get me to laugh and I will get over...note the case! This usually just ends up making me more irritated. Usually by morning, I'm over whatever the stupid issue was in the first place, though and all is well. Usually. :)

  9. Go to bed angry. If I am given the time to cool off, 9 times out of 10 I can admit my part of the argument and talk reasonably. If you're both in the heat of the moment it's really hard to be productive!

  10. I actually prefer to go to bed and talk it out the next morning with cooler heads. sometimes I just need some time alone when i'm upset instead of arguing for hours and then I lose a ton of sleep haha.
    -- jackie @ Load more...