Wednesday, July 31, 2013


So lately I have become such a lazy blogger, not because I don't want to blog but because I haven't had the best opportunities to do so. This equates to Jill's been sharing her boyfriend's computer and he has been out of town a lot. Don't get me wrong, I have my own laptop, but I received it when I was a senior in high school and now it's too slow to do any type of blogging.
Right before G left to go out of town he surprised me by stopping by Best Buy and we perused the computers. At first I was like this is torture seeing all of these pretty, shiny, new things taunting me on the shelves. Before I knew it I was standing in the checkout, new laptop in hand.
G said he wanted me to be able to blog while he was away. Swoon. 
How did I get so lucky?
Anyways I'll stop it with the mushy stuff, but this is my very first post on my new laptop!
By the way, does anyone out there have Windows 8? Ohmygoodness I feel like an idiot trying to navigate it.
So lately since my mornings have been consisting of the dogs, blogging, and being glued to the couch I have found The Hills on Retro MTV!
Yep my mornings just got THAT much better. I loved The Hills when It was still airing on TV. Such good entertainment. The whole Speidi, LC/ Brody, Audrina/ Justin-Bobby drama. I love it all.
And its on from 9am - noon. 
 G if you're reading this I promise that I am totally doing something productive while I relive these awesome moments.


  1. windows 8 is a beast! in order to best understand it, think of it like a smartphone. You have all your apps (tiles) and then you have the space to run them in (sort of the traditional home screen).
    Windows 8 is difficult to learn, and hopefully it won't be around too long.

  2. Oh yes I've been watching The Hills also! Why did Lauren and Brody not work out? And how is Speidi staying out of the spotlight these days?

  3. I bought a computer with Windows 8 and returned it because it wasn't for me. I have a MacBook now (thanks ex boyfriend)!! :)

  4. I want a new laptop so bad!!!! Mine isnt old or anything i just want a MACbook lol. See i WANT it i dont NEED IT, as my BF would say, hehe. YAY for a new laptop!

  5. I had a difficult time with Windows 8 at first too, but now I kinda like it!

  6. Such a sweet guy! Happy you have a new computer!

  7. Awwww how sweet is he for doing that!!!

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