Monday, June 17, 2013

Tailgate Drinking Games (Guest Post!)

Hi Girlfriend Jill readers! I'm Venus Trapped in Mars!
Spoiler Alert! Yes, I am a Vol Fan!
In honor of the beginning of college football creeping up on the horizon (aka Christmas in September) I want to give a tribute to the best tailgate drinking games!

I wonder who started the first drinking game? I guess someone who was at a tailgate casually drinking a beer, munching on delicious tasty treats and socializing with wonderful friends had a lightbulb appear over their head, ding ding ding, you know what would make this party so much better? Tossing a bean bag into a hole from several feet away repeatedly. AHHH yes! Perfect, just what this party needs. And then, a real man's tailgate was born!
History: Created back in 750BC cavemen tossed rocks at holes in the ground, whoever hit a hole without bouncing it in, had to chug the last of the Jack Daniels bottle.

Rules: Set up cornhole boxes about 25ft apart from front to front. Split up in teams of 2. Your teammate is opposite from where you are standing, on opposite sides. Eight bean bags start on one side. Toss a coin to decide who goes first. You alternate throws between the teams until all bags are thrown.
The foul line is made by the front of the boxes so you have to make sure to throw behind that foul line or you will forfeit that turn. Any bag the touches the ground before it touches the box is ruled out.
How to score: 1 point for landing on the box, 3 points for a bag in the hole. The team with the most points wins the round, then you must subtract the other teams points from yours. The first team to 21 wins.

Ancient cavemen used to paint their rocks they threw with pretty, bright, happy colors, but, as society has evolved, we now use our favorite team's logo.
Have 32 people at your tailgate and about 9 hours till game time? Have a tournament!

--Beer Pong--
History: Back in 1786 at the 876th annual ping pong championships the Japanese team forgot their paddles and just remembered the ping pong balls. They were playing the Irish who were so hammered when they were packing for the games that they accidently packed red solo cups and beer instead of their equipment.

Well, since both teams already paid for their airfare and had planned to use the frequent flier miles they had acquired from the trip for a family getaway to the Hamptons, they just decided to play with the equipment they had instead of forfeiting. And voila, a drinking game is born!

How it is played: Well, depends where you go. No matter how ridiculous the rules are, whoever lives in the house you are playing in, or owns the tent you are playing under, makes the rules.
As general overview, line up either 6 or 10 cups or even more in a triangle. Divide up into teams of two. Pour beer in the cups and shoot your ping pong ball by hand across the table and try and make it land in the cup. If you land the ball in one of the cups, the other team drinks! Whichever team hits all cups first, wins.

Why I think it is the best drinking game in the history of drinking games: You get to shoot a ping pong ball into a cup of beer and make someone else drink. Simple, to the point, requires minor skill and you get to drink beer!

Now I don't generally like to brag, but, I'm AWESOME at it! I mean, I'm kind of a big deal, as in the best player in the history of beer pong. No kidding, I'm THE best there is, I have a plaque with my name on it. There, now you can say at your next party you learned how to play from your friend Venus who is the best beer pong player in the world.

Flip Cup

History of Flip Cup: This just started last Wednesday but it has spread like wildfire and it now a world-wild phenom! It was started by USC coach Lane Kiffin. When he realized that this season would be his last because he is the worst coach ever, so he figured he needed something else to fill his time. When he sat down to create the game, he thought, how can I continue to disappoint fans across the country? LIGHTBULB! He decided to continue his fame of mediocrity by developing a mediocre drinking game.

BTW--- Lane Kiffin is a d-bag.

Point of the game: You have a team of however many players you want. You compete against a team of however many players they want. You drink the beer in the cup, then flip the cup from right side up to upside down. Whoever does this fastest, wins.

This game is painfully simple, but I guess it had to be for Lane to understand the rules.

Side-Note: As this blog post went to press, flip-cup was banned at USC for flip-cup team member recruiting violations.

Happy gaming kids! Now comes see me over at Venus Trapped in Mars!

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