Friday, June 28, 2013


So I think that I've have mentioned in the past that I love reading. 

I love reading so much that in elementary I had the most AR points (points for reading books) in the entire school. 
Not to brag about my fourth grade accolades or anything...

Let me first start off with saying that my favorite books are mystery books. I have read like every Nancy Drew book ever written. For real though

Anyways, I wanted to share with ya'll one of my favorite authors. Allison Brennan. 

She is not one of the most popular but is a NY Times and USA Today best selling author.

I love Allison Brennan so much because her books are mainly thriller/romance. It's the best of both worlds. SO Good. I can literally start a book and not put it down until I am done because they are so good. 

One of my favorite  AB books.

Please tell me some of your favorite authors. I need some awesome reads this summer!


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