Thursday, June 13, 2013

Music Festival Essentials

Hey there, Girlfriend Jill fans! Beth here, from Hang On, Honey. 

While our dear friend Jill is off galavanting about Bonnaroo 2013 (jealous), I'm filling in for the day. 

Live music is quite literally one of my most favorite things. I mean, there are few things better than the excitement of that moment when your favorite band walks on stage. Am I right? Jill would agree, me thinks. 

I'm a big, huge, gigantic fan the Austin City Limits Festival. (Austinite, right here!) After getting more than just a few festivals under my belt, I've learned that you gotta be prepared with a few essentials while festival-ing! 

1. Some method of sneaking in a little lotta bit of your favorite "adult beverage."
We're big fans of the hidden flask(s), but the interwebs have come up with a whooooole new world of bootlegging. I may or may not have to invest in a "WineRack" for my next festival... stick a wine bladder in your bra and make your ladies look bigger? Wine, wine, in my opinion. (See what I did there?)

2. A portable phone charger
This is essentiall. You'll probably be SOL in the phone reception department anyway, but if you want to avoid the sheer panic that comes with that "10% of battery life left" notification, then you should probably be prepared. Also, you need your phone to snap pictures of that impromptu drum circle.

3. A decent camera so you don't have to celeb stalk with your iPhone camera
This one is pretty self-explanatory. You might think you won't need it, but you'll feel like a real idiot when Ryan Gosling walks across the stage that you managed to get a front row spot at, and all you've got is your awful, miserable phone zoom. Also, the other 6 pictures I got of him are a total blur (but I will never, ever delete them). 

Yeah, I was thisclose to Ryan Gosling, suckers. 
4. Accessories to weather the weather
I've been to enough festivals to know that you should never trust the weather forecast. The news says it will be 100 degrees and sunny? Nah, there will be a freak rainstorm that creates a giant mud pit in the middle of the festival. The news says it's gonna rain the first two days? Nope. It'll be so dry that a dust storm kicks up and you'll have dust and sweat streaks down your face by the end of the day. Some of your most imperative supplies? Tiny foldable ponchos and bandanas or scarves to be able to breathe in the dust. 

If it's not too hot, bring a scarf in case of dust. Nothing like looking like a bandit at a
music festival to make you feel like a total badass.
Sometimes the skies open for about 2 minutes and soak the entire festival. Mud pits are likely to result. (Can you tell by our water stains that it was raining sideways?)
5. Toilet paper
Ladies, Music Festival 101. You will be peeing in a port-o-potty for 3 days, they will be gross, and they will run out of TP in about 3 hours. On the first day. Be prepared for the worst, my friends. 

6. A cross body bag to hold are of your beers festival essentials
I once saw a girl at ACL with a should bag, and I nearly wept for her. This girl here needs something that won't fall off when she's dancing her ass off to Santigold, and size does matter. Yes, I have a cute little Kate Spade cross body that is far more fashionable, but it can't fit four beers in it. Case closed. 

 7. Actual essentials that aren't nearly as fun to blog about like water, sunscreen, cash, sunglasses, comfy clothes. Use your noggins, kiddos. 

Happy festival-going, my friends! (Especially you, Jilly-kins!)

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