Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Hi friends!

So y'all have probably noticed that I have been gone for a few days at Bonnaroo. 

I had the best time!

While I was away I had some fabulous girls guest post for me. Thank you again Sarah! You ladies are the best!

Top moments of Bonnaroo

/one/ Seeing Paul Mccartney. For being 71 years old he can sure rock. I can't believe I saw an actual Beetle preform live in my lifetime.

/two/ Unfortunately the bassist for Mumford and Sons had a blood clot in his brain and had emergency surgery last week so they had to cancel their show. BUT Jack Johnson was already at Bonnaroo to play a song with ALO, so they called and asked him to fill in for Mumford. It was awesome and he even covered one of Mumford's songs as a tribute to them.

/three/ Tom Petty rocked face and closed out the last night.

/four/ Seeing R. Kelly was pretty cool but i love how many girls I saw had the phrase "pee on me" written on themselves at the show. Too funny!


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