Friday, June 14, 2013

Guest Post @Reba K. Writes

Salutations! Its Rebekkah from over at  Reba K. Writes come visit me sometime kick off your boots and stay awhile:)
Its Fan Friday over at Venus Trapped In Mars and speaking of, the reason my blog is looking so spectacular is thanks to Sarah! Hit her up for some dynamite blog design.
Before we get to the link-up I want to share some photos of Girlfriend Jill and myself from way back when...
Oh my!

 We rocked some duck faces! Don't ya'll love that pink lipstick I got goin on?!

Now back to the link-up

I'm a proud alumna of the University of Tennessee so I thought for this Fan Friday I would tell you all about the time we didn't make it to the game.

It was the first home game of the 2010 season, UT vs. Oregon who's mascot is ducks which is ironic but I'll get to that. My friends and I decided to of course pregame at a bar close to the stadium. Well right before we were about to make our way to the stadium it came a torrential downpour hence the irony in Oregon Ducks. So we just decided to stay at the bar where it was dry and the game was playing on a great big screen.

Well, pregaming led to a full game with very few time outs for me. I was what they like to call schmammered.

The bar we were at always has live music after the game. Which was great for me because alcohol makes me into a dancing fool. And that is why I decided that the entire bar needed to see my moves and the best place to accomplish this was right on stage with the band.

There ya have it


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