Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Morning all!

I had such a fun Memorial Day weekend!

Since school has ended, I often find myself with ample amounts of time on my hands. 
It's almost like a long weekend every weekend for me. But hey, who's complaining?
So we started the long weekend off with a bang:

G and I got all dressed up for a Madmen themed birthday party. We made sure to have a drink on the way. (Please excuse the chipped polish).

Saturday I noticed my orchid was about to bloom. If anyone has had and orchid and then waited on it to re-bloom, they know it feels like it takes FOREVER!

Saturday was also National Wine Day! 
So of course I could be found meticulously cleaning my house while drinking wine at noon. I was being productive, so I had no qualms about starting drinking before I had had lunch. Also if you want to really enjoy housework then listen to the "90's Pop" station on Pandora while you are doing it. It's pure gold!  Spice girls, Britney, Hansen, galore!

About halfway through the day, when I pretty much stopped finished cleaning, I decided to organize our bar. 

I found this little china hutch on Craigslist not too long ago for 50 bucks!
I put some new knobs on that sucker and tada! I now have a pretty awesome bar! 
It still needs paint or something, but that will be a task for a different day. 
I recently acquired some more glasses to add to my Riedel collection and in order to make them fit in my hutch I needed to get rid of a few things.

These are my favorite brand of wine glasses. They are crystal and hand made in Germany. My sister and brother-in-law gave us a complete set of red and white wine glasses and also a set of champagne glasses for Christmas this year. The Riedel Swirl glasses I found are a great addition to our collection.  

Living with a bartender means two things:
1. I will always have an awesome drink in my hand at all times.
2. Our bar is OVERFLOWING with bar utencils/glasses/randoms etc.

So I decided that I was going to clean and condense our collection of bar ware and give a bunch to someone less fortunate than me (aka one of my besties that doesn't have an extensive bar setup like mine). You're welcome Megan  :)

Here is what I found in my bar:

I ended up pulling all of the drawers out and it's amazing what I didn't remember I had.

I actually found about five more wine tools after I took this picture. 

If you do not have a wine ring, you should! It prevents the drip from the bottle.

I love my martini olive picks and I use them all the time. Bleu cheesed stuffed olives are a must at my house!

And the bar is not complete without my over-sized shaker. We use this if we have 8+ people over to make shots/drinks with. Its one of my favorite pieces. 

I also love my cocktail napkins that I have picked up over the years. 

And here are all the glasses I decided to part with.

Finally Memorial Day came around.

We stayed at the pool all day and drank and then finished the night with a cookout at our friends' house.

I think Bentley enjoyed himself!

What fun things did you do this holiday weekend?


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