Monday, May 6, 2013

Knoxville to Nashville and back.


I hope everyone had a fabulous Cinco de Mayo. 

My weekend was so busy that today I am trying to play catch up on all the loads of laundry and housework I missed. 

Friday morning G and I left for Nashville to see The Black Keys that night with ten of our friends. 

We only had two mishaps during the trip. 

1. G let us run out of gas around Lebanon. He thought he could make it to the next exit. WRONG. We sat on the side of the interstate for over an hour waiting on road side assistance to bring us gas. Yes, I ridiculed him the entire time.

A tree growing out the side of a mountain with lavender bell flowers  that we saw while we were parked.
2. We lost our friend Zac in downtown Nashville after the concert. We managed to lose him in the pouring rain, with no cell phone, or rain jacket. Two hours later he drunkenly stumbled into two girls that lent him their phone to call us. Total shit-show.

Last night G and I both had to work, so unfortunately we didn't get to celebrate with all of our friends. BUT knowing how much I love this holiday he made me a celebratory marg at home. He makes me swoon!

All in all I would call this weekend a win. 

Now off to do copious amounts of laundry.

Happy Monday, y'all! 


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