Thursday, May 23, 2013

Just because I'm an alcoholic... according to my mother.

Morning friends!

So many of you know that I am battling back and forth with my weight. 

The scale goes up and it goes down.
Now, I have been eating pretty well these past few weeks because I was leaving for the beach.

The other day my mother told me that I will never actually get back to where I was because I drink too much

Anyone who knows me knows that this is partially true. Do I drink a lot? Yes. Do I drink too much? Nope.

Almost all of the Alcohol we took to HangoutFest.
After posting this picture, maybe my mother is right? Heh nope!

Do any of you have great recipes for low calorie drinks that you enjoy and would love to share?


  1. There is no such think as drinking too much. :)

  2. Nah, some of that is just mixers so it doesn't count! The Skinny Girl cocktail mixes are actually pretty good.

  3. I found out Mimosas aren't all that bad for you.

  4. Vodka soda! Or Wine! and Rebekkah is right, Mimosas (more specifically champagne) is a very good option.

  5. I started drinking vodka sodas to cut down on calories, but then I also started making lots of bad decisions. Hello vodka, goodbye dignity. Don't say I didn't warn you. :)

  6. Haha. This pic makes me laugh. I drink too much, too. Don't worry. I actually posted a low cal/carb/sugar drink on my blog today!! We do a link up called Thirsty Thursday. It's really light and REALLY good!!! And you can adjust it to whatever flavors you want!!

    Come check it out!!


  7. you can never drink too much...maybe...yeah I probably drink too much
    stopping by from the linkup :)

  8. Bahahaha. Never ever ever too much alcohol. Lol. Loved this! Hi, I'm Lisette, and I'm a Lush!