Wednesday, May 1, 2013

24 facts about myself and a lot of pictures...

Good Morning!

Thanks to Rebekkah I decided to post a fact about myself for every year that I have been alive... 24 facts. 

Now my original title was "23 Facts about myself" I went back and forth in my head on whether or not I was 23 or 24 years old.

 I just had a birthday last month but couldn't for sure remember my age.

 I added up the years and sure enough I was supposed to be 24, but that just didn't sound right.  I called G and told him I could not remember my age and asked him how old I was. He did not find this amusing, but sure enough I am 24. 

It's funny how after you turn 21 all of the birthdays start to run into each other. 

Anyways back on topic Jill...

Here are my 24 facts about myself:

1. I participated in beauty pageants when I was little. Won a couple of them too!
My cousin Preston and I after we won a pageant. I was 3.

2. I have a small dent in my forehead from taking a line-drive to the face in Softball. (I played for fifteen years) Nothing a little bit of powder can't hide.

3.I have an extensive Koozie collection. I collect them from bars, Music Festivals, Weddings, concerts, etc. I carry one with me out and If i see someone with a cool one I trade them! 

Who else likes trading Koozies?
4. I am super OCD about a lot of things such as... I cannot stand for dishes to be piled up in the sink. I have certain pens that I write on different things with.  I brush my teeth 4 times a day and floss- it's a compulsive thing. I cannot complete anything (school work, etc.) unless my surroundings are clean. If I am out and about and my house is a mess, all I want to do is come home and clean. 

5. I am a Dave Matthews Band freak. Saw them 5 times in 2 weeks last summer. AMAZEBALLS!

6. My favorite shows include: Dexter, Homeland, Breaking Bad, True Blood, NCIS, Criminal Minds, Walking Dead, Girlmore Girls, Sex and the City, Modern Family. I also like my smut too. Real Housewives of NYC etc..

7. I am an avid book reader. In the 5th grade I won my class a pizza party by having the most AR points in the school because I read 127 books that year. Call me a dork, I don't care. 

8. My favorite month is October for numerous reasons: UT Football, fall, Halloweens. G's bday is 10/26. Our anniversary is 10/20, it will be 5 years. Both of my sisters have gotten married in that month. 10/06 and 10/15. Eventually, I plan to get married the 3rd week of October. ( You know.. whenever he decides to put a ring on it ...)

Go Vols! Gameday baby!
My sisters and I

9. I am a wino! It is the best mood enhancer/ stress reliever there is. Sitting on my deck in the evening with a glass of wine is my fav.

10. I was born and raised in Knoxville, TN. 
Knoxville at night.

The worlds largest microphone! ... It's called the Sunsphere , people.

11. I very much ENJOYED my early college years ( a little too much)

12. I couldn't not have pets in my life. I've had my own horse, several dogs and cats. In high school my dad found a day old baby raccoon on the golf course and we bottle fed him and nursed him to health. 5 years later Ralphy is the fattest, happiest coon around!

Bentley cheesin' it up while checking out the hood.

13. I have been to so many music festivals I cannot even remember the count. Bonnaroo, Hangout, Allgood etc. My next three music venues that are on my bucket list to go to are Austin City Limits, Red Rocks, and The Gorge.

Hangout Music Festival!

14. I am a total list maker. Nothing makes me happier than getting one of my favorite colored pens and making lists and then crossing them off. I usually have several on going lists at a time.

15.  I am addicted to soft things. I have a whole linen closet full of super soft sheets and blankets. If I am sitting on the couch you can bet I am snuggling up under a comfy blanket.

16. My eyes are green and they have orange around the pupil.

17. Recently I have become obsessed with gardening. My yard will soon be looking amazing if it kills me.

18. I recently acquired a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer. Its probably my fav thing to cook with right now.

19. G stood me up (kinda) on our first date. It took him 2 months to get me to say yes to another one.... but that's a whole other post for another day :)

20. My friends call me "the photographer." I am always snappin' pics!

21. Nineteen was by far my favorite year so far. That was the age I met G. I feel such strong emotion when I look back at that year.

22. I am a constant day dreamer. 

23. I cannot stand when people chew with their mouths open. I also cannot stand rude people. Fortunately I have met some really wonderful ladies in blogger land and have only come across one or two rude ones. 

24. My two favorite vacations have been in Cabo San Lucas and NYC
Senior year spring break in Cabo!

My name is Jill and I am a lover of sweet tea, fall, UT football, sleeping in, wine, patio sitting, margarita drinking, hot showers, long baths, clean sheets, the color green, sarcasm, laughing til i cry, movie nights, ice cream, being pool side, dancing, concert going, gardening, list making, driving with the windows down and music up, holding hands, getting butterflies, morning snuggles and goodnight kisses, meeting new friends, making people happy, family, doing the right thing, elephants(I have an obsession), driving my Jeep, grilling out, and spending time with my dogs.

Thanks for reading my post. Hopefully, y'all know me a little bit better now!

Happy Hump Day!!!

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