Monday, April 29, 2013

Over the weekend.

Happy Monday y'all!

I had a great, fun-filled, weekend! 

So I mentioned the other day that G bought a new car, but a "new toy" more accurately describes it. Saturday we packed some lunches and put on play clothes and headed out to Windrock, an ATV park in Tennessee. G, his two best friends and I spent all day fourwheeling up and down really dangerous trails and rock paths. I know, I know, kind of redneck.... oh well. It was my first time. Apart from having a couple of mini panic attacks (from sliding backwards down large hills) it was actually a lot of fun. I drove a lot and it was really cool being able to drive over huge rocks and stuff. Unfortunately it rained the entire day so it was cold and muddy.


Later that night G's band had a show. I always love watching him play. 
G-playing the drums

Yesterday I finished my first week of C25K. I love love love this app! It's really cool because I can listen to music on my phone and run the app simultaneously and the woman's voice will come in over my music in my headphones and tell me when its time to start walking/running. Neat!

 I had actually started the program about a month or two ago but got so busy with school I never actually completed it. This time I have to finish though. I signed up for the Color Me Rad 5k at the beginning of August and I really want to be able to be able to run the entire race. What could be more fun than running drenched in colored dye???  I think I am going to redo the first week starting tomorrow and start it outside instead of doing it on the treadmill because It will probably help me more in the long run.  

Have any of you had any luck with C25K?

Color Me Rad

Looks like a party to me!

I would love to hear if any Tennessee bloggers are running the one in Knoxville in August!


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