Monday, April 22, 2013

Let the cleanse begin!

Good Morning All!

My weekend was crazy busy (obvi since I haven't posted since Thursday).

Sunday Funday:

Every Sunday morning our group of friends does a brunch at each others' houses.

 Usually the girlfriends cook while the guys hangout. There is a lot of drinking involved, I mean a lot! Bloody marys, mimosas, etc. So. Much. Fun.
 We made "night before" french toast. Amazeballs! It's the best french toast I've ever had. 
Typically after we gorge ourselves eat we take on a fun project at that person's house. 
We've built a zip line in a back yard, taken down a tree, put up a wooden fence, and painted rooms. 
Today the guys helped roof a house. Us girls did what girls do best; layed out in the  backyard, listened to music, drank and watched our shirtless men work. What could be a better Sunday?

So I have jumped on the "Advocare" bandwagon. I started the 10 day Cleanse today.

 I've heard good things about it from numerous people so i'm pretty pumped!
 I was a little apprehensive about the fiber drink, but i mixed it with equal parts of Lite OJ and water. I was so surprised; IT WASN'T BAD! I had been dreading it so much but honestly it tastes like OJ with a lot of pulp in it. Easy Peasy!
 Now the hardest part is going to be not drinking. I love sitting out on my deck with my wine in the evening waaayy too much! This girl needs her wine, y'all! 
So we will see, but it is my mission not too cheat.
 I also took my measurements and weight this morning (and suffered a mini heart attack) so I am really curious to see what the change will be in 10 days.

Have any of you experienced good results with the 10 Day Cleanse? 

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