Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Hey y'all, Happy hump day!

 I've had a clumsy past few days! 

 Yesterday I made one of the biggest messes I think that I have ever made.

 Lets just say I had a battle with a jar of salsa and the salsa won. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a sucker for chips and salsa. YUM! Mexican is my fave.

 Yesterday I was browsing through the cabinets trying to find a snack and there I found a brand new, unopened, jar of salsa. The boyfriend must have went to the store recently. At first try, the jar would not open. I grabbed the rubber jar opener and gave it another a twist. That sucker was stuck y'all! I finally put all my strength into it and torqued the jar so hard that the now opened jar flew out of my hand and across my kitchen island and into the floor. I stood frozen for about 30 seconds in utter shock. Salsa went EVERYWHERE! I had to completely empty my silverware drawer and wash everything in it. I had salsa in places salsa should never ever be... like the ceiling. There worst part about it was there was no salsa left to eat! I stood there starving and cleaning up salsa for 45 minutes. Talk about a total bummer! I should have eaten an apple instead.

 Lately I have been running into everything. This morning I skipped a step on the stairs and busted it on my way out the door.

This brings me to my question: Do any of you ladies get clumsy the week before your periods?

There's a lot of speculation on this subject. I am normally not clumsy by nature but lately I have been noticing that the week leading up to my period I am cannot even walk a straight line with out stumbling. I have more bruises during that time as well.

 What do y'all think?

 I will leave you with a pic of Bentley from last summer.


Hope you lovely's are having a fantastic Wednesday!

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