Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I think I can..


So yesterday was definitely a shock to my body, BUT I didn't find it extremely hard to follow the cleanse. 

There was only twice that I had a huge craving; when the boyfriend was cooking pasta for himself, really? Make it harder on me will ya? Geez. 
The second was when I saw a Reeses commercial on TV, I got a pang in my stomach and my mouth started salivating. This girl loves Reeses! 

So all in all I call yesterday a win. 

The majority of the day I was bent over in the front bed at my house planting huge ass roses.
 I mean these plants are massive! Their thorns are even scarier. After a couple of hours, and lots of sweat, and blood, I finally got those suckers in the ground. 
I am so sun burnt and sore it hurts! One of my good friends manages several high-end properties here in Knoxville. We're talking homes that have be featured in Southern Living!
 Anyways, the owners decided to go with another type of rose in a certain area on the property and they let her have all of the original ones. So being the sweetest friend ever, she gave me several of the plants.
 I received yellow, coral-orange, and light pink roses. 
I can't wait for them to bloom. Here's to having fresh cut flowers in the house at all times!

G and I

So the boyfriend, or G, for the sake of his privacy, and I finished the day of by taking the boys to the park. They loved every second of it!

What did y'all do on Monday?


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